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Introduction to carbonates

Karst – a potential geohazard and reservoir  

Introduction to petrophysics

Introduction to logging tools

MDT Job Planning and Interpretation

Petrophysics formuales

Geological departments

Department of Earth Sciences, University of Aarhus



The University Courses in Svalbard

University of Bergen

University of Tromsø

University of South Florida - Karst Research Group

Institut for Palaeontologie, Erlangen


Carbonate geology of Florida Bay

Carbonate reservoir characterization - Geophysical aspects

Carbonate reservoir geology

Carbonate Reservoirs: Physical Reality Meets Virtual Reality in Middle Eastern Carbonates

Carbonate sedimentology

Controls On Porosity Types and Distribution in Carbonate Reservoirs

Cretaceous Carbonate Reservoirs & Source Rocks: Golden Lane/Poza Rica Trend-Classic Tertiary Type Localities: Tampico/Misantla Basin-Modern Patch Reefs: VeraCruz/Anton Lizardo, Mexico

Field course in carbonate geology

Geology of carbonate reservoirs

High resolution sequence stratigraphy in carbonate depositional systems

Mixed Carbonate-Clastic Deposition and the Effects of Tectonics on Modern Sedimentation Along the Belize Barrier Reef

Sedimentary petrology - Diagenesis of carbonate sediments

Sequence Stratigraphy and Reservoir Distribution in a Modern Carbonate Platform, Bahamas

Sedimentology (in French)

Sedimentary Processes (In French)


Basin research

Carnets de Géologie - Notebooks on Geology


First Break

Geological Journal



Geophysical Research Lettres


International Journal of Earth Sciences

Journal of Geology

Journal of Geophysical Research

Journal of Sedimentary Research

Marine and Petroleum Geology

Marine Geology



Sedimentary Geology


Terra Nova

The Leading Edge - Carbonate geophysics


Geological Societies

American Association of Petroleum Geologists

American Geophysical Union

Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists

Canadian Geophysical Union

European Geophysical Society

European Union of Geosciences

International Association of Sedimentologists

Society for Sedimentary Geology

Society of Exploration Geophysicists

The Geological Society

The Geological Society of America



Biological calcification

Carbonate classification

Carbonates: Limestones and dolostones

Carbonate reefs and build-ups

Carbonate rock fabric - Petrophysical classification

Control of marine carbonate preservationDunhams carbonate classification

Fossils from Svalbard

Franklin and Sterling Hill; New Jersey: The world's most magnificent mineral deposits

Frasnian Carbonate Mounds, Belgium


Geology newsfeed (job offers, meeting announcements,etc.)

Joint Virtual Reality Centre for Carbonate Studies

International Commision on Stratigraphy

Iranian Carbonate Network

Karst Link Page

Learning Journals Geoscience


Limestone sedimentology and carbonate reservoirs

List of carbonate minerals

Limestone Research Group

Mineral - The carbonate class

Norwegian Petroleum Directorate fact pages

Palaeomap project (C.R. Scotese)

Photomicrographs of carbonate rocks


Virtual Geology

World Volcanoes


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